How your web host might be killing your online business

It’s not uncommon for online businesses to spend thousands of dollars on swanky websites. True, your website is your brand image in the online world. It needs to be designed with the user in mind. Should have great colours, a fluid UX, compelling content. We get it. But what if it’s painstakingly slow to load?…

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The advantages of shifting to a VoIP call center

For a long time, small and medium-sized organizations could not afford a full-time customer contact centre due to the huge overheads and recurrent charges involved with them. Then, outsourced call centres came along and bridged the gap somewhat. But even an outsourced model can be too pricey, especially for micro-businesses. The arrival of VoIP though…

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10 Web Design Best Practices that you cannot ignore in 2018

Businesses functioning in the global marketplace today certainly have their task cut out. They are catering to a social-media driven audience with extremely low tolerance levels for poor web design and content. There are no two ways about it. If your website sucks, you lose traffic, you lose credibility and you subsequently lose money. Today,…

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5 Tips for success with your social media plans

Social Media is like Santa’s haversack. It’s crammed with goodies that businesses can handpick to skyrocket their marketing efforts. Don’t believe us? What other form of marketing gives you this? Instant access to your target audience group (For free) A treasure trove of free traffic that can be driven to your website (Read sales) If…

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